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VANA Healthy habits made by a Swede

This is for me so exciting! Why VANA? I am the perfect candidate and the product for VANA and have been every since I became a mum in my early 30s! To list a few....

  • Worked full time in the city whilst running a business (PT)

  • Worked full time in the city whilst running a business (PT) and renovate a house

  • Working full time in the city whilst running a business (PT), renovating a house and 2 teenage boys

  • Adding two auto immune illness (colitis and celiac) and a dog... and navigating finding a life and self worth and how to parent after separating

During my years in the city or as a mum or as a entrepreneur have I seen a tool that helps you to just consciously and simply reset, recharge and create awareness of your mind, your body and thoughts in a micro way. I have tested this in March and people are noticing big changes and that is in just 25 days

We live 90% or more in the unconscious mind... same habits, same thought pattern and day by day our life gets shorter and shorter. Small changes leads to big impacts! My concept is simple. My concept is digestible. My concept is to help people take a stressful, anxious and often lonely world into a space where you feel safer, connected and stronger both mind and body. It takes 10min daily .... simple!

  • We breath to still our minds, to bring oxygen into your body to create space connect and to be still

  • We move to create a healthy heart and body.

  • We journal to bring thoughts, patterns and what is important for us on this very day

It requires discipline but it's simple and effective. Will you join me? Link included below

Lots of love Carin xx

It's free!


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