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Let's stay in a treehouse she said!

Since I was a little girl I have loved climbing trees and spending time in the forest. The forest was my safe space in a chaotic childhood. So, for my birthday this year I had booked a treehouse pod, off grid, in Wales for me and my boyfriend... romantic get away, what possible could go wrong lol!

Well, it started off with a sweet birthday food poisoning (first time ever...yuk) this was a once in a life time experience and I don't recommend it to anyone haha

We manage to set off Saturday morning and after 5 hours we arrived to this picturesque treehouse in a pine forest hung up high in the trees. This is literally my dream and a BIG tick off the bucket list! Camp set, unpacked, fire is on and my man is cooking Steak and Salad. What could possible go wrong..

Cuddled up, fire on and getting ready to sleep and then the storm arrives and any chance of sleep equals zero... The pod was literally shaking all night, from side-to-side and at some points we thought it would roll down the river with us in it! Crazy and looking back a bit comical...

Breakfast in the rain, cold shower and brave faces we set off to Elan Valley and found two amazing dams in gusting winds. Raindrops literally as big as snowflakes!

At this point we were laughing... what are the odds! Our first weekend away and it was faced with lots of challenges. We continued to explore and another tick off the bucket list as by a chance we followed a path and ran into a secluded waterfall... I want more of these in the future!

Driving around for hours and no pubs serving food, no reception we finally managed to get a hold of the host for the Airbnb we were staying at who luckily offered us the Moon Conker to stay in. Grounded and earthed sounded far better than swinging in the trees for one more night!

We arrived and suddenly a small round space, warm bed with my man was the best thing ever... The dinner in outdoor kitchen tasted like a dream, slept 10 hours, had amazing breakfast and event found a hot shower by the river! We felt like rockstars in a 5 star hotel.

Looking back from food poisoning to the swinging tree pod in a storm - when all is taken away its the little things, humor and love that changes it! We had so many sweet, fun moments in a stormy weekend. More adventures please!

Lots and lots of love Carin xx

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