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Carin's story

47 year old Swede living in the UK. Former city worker who, through chronic illness at age of 36, found a passion for holistic wellbeing and today qualified NASM Level 3 PT and Level 1 Boxing Coach. I have during my fitness journey ... Completed 2 boxing fights, 1 marathon, 3 mud races and recently completed a mixed doubles in Hyrox! 

Why I train?

  • Keeps me strong as a midlife woman!

  • Helps me to manage my ulcerative colitis 

  • I make better decisions and have increased energy levels

  • I look after my mental health (clarity and release anxiety)

  • I train to be a strong woman for my two teenage sons (16 & 15)

Why train with me? My mission is to build a community of humans that feel have a strong and positive outlook on their life. There is a fixation how exercise makes you look, well, for me it's 100% how it makes you feel! Feel strong, feel confident, feel like happy and an outlet to reset your energy and mood. Whenever you are stuck in thought, move. Whenever you contemplate what to do next, move. Whenever you feel your stuck in a rut, move. Moving is the number one stepping stone to feel better. 

Let's talk nature - it's my calm space where I reflect.  I reset my energy! No amount of words can describe the benefits of the outdoors. Fresh air, vitamin D and the smells of the trees, the gras and grounding.

Thank you for reading this. 

Carin xx

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