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Light & strong✨🐸

I'm feeling really light & strong... My focus has been to build habits that helps me stay calm, rest and trust it's ok to take time and reflect and decide what the future looks like! I mean what's the rush🤪 I was totally burnt out chasing people and doing lots ALL the time ...

First two months of being made redundant I learnt how to recognise reoccurring patterns - good and toxic ones! I now trust what is not in my control, how other people show up is their sole responsibility not mine. I realised a lot about my own insecurities, the need to be wanted and others to fill a missing piece in me. I have journalled More than ever, not only gratitude but really writing down my thoughts ... Yes, than means even the mean voice the one that names and shames you, the one that's not always nice to yourself! That was hard.

I also learnt to feel what feels light, reflect on what life I want to build and how my future will look like! What am I procrastinating... London job and salary needed OR do I follow my true call in life and build a cool, safe space for people to grow...? We will see!

Lightness in me is when..

  • I train... I love boxing and weights

  • I truly take time for my children, family , partner and friends

  • Making memories and adventures

  • Learn that calmness is a super power

  • Realised don't need to push for things to happen. I can focus my energy to what truly fills my cup ...

Strength... letting go of a lot of emotional shit 💩 made me feel so strong! I can lift heavier and I love it ♥️💪🏻

Carin 💋

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