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Empty canvas & nearly 47... what now?!

I am Carin (business woman, mum of two teenage boys & desire to love life) I'm sitting here reflecting end of January and absorbing the fact I have been given an empty canvas on what's next! No fulltime job, a flexible business which is build on my passion for a strong mind and body AND time and space to find the path! It's a winning lottery ticket and clean slate to create a life around my true purpose and passion: Help YOU to feel seen, safe, stronger and trusted

No matter how you feel today... that space to find you is worth, strength holds the key to the ending to to the rest of your life!

At end of 2023, I was not in a good space. I decided to be comfortable with looking at the uncomfortable/vulnerable truths that sat within me me. I observed my true reality, what I was feeling (the good, the bad the ugly), look at energy vampires started to see and acknowledge toxic loops I was allowing. The mind is a wonderful and complex thing we live inside! The more I journaled, not only on gratitude but on all thoughts in my mind, the clearer I saw patterns of good, healthy and growth oriented habits vs the fixed, old and not healthy habits. I will share lots more on this as I work through my journey on the blog.

I STOPPED and DUG DEEPER, when I stopped I needed to rest, when I rested it was clear I needed a break so I took it and released I have chased my whole life and tried to fill a void of being seen and safe. I wanted to learn to stop chasing and make peace with myself. I wanted to learn how to allow life to just be and build on all the goodness I have built and have around me... Learn to let go.

I have done a lot of self work in the last 10 years. I come from a traumatic childhood and have carried that into my fear but also determination to do differently when becoming a mum to my two amazing teenager boys. Key healers have showed up just at the right time through out my life and helped me to be courageous to move from environments/relationships where I could no longer grow. I have always had a fire in me to "move forward" and known I have a purpose to help souls around me, people feel safe around me and calm.

Moving forwards has also been an escape for me, I can manifest and create whatever springs to mind! It's a true gift and been my life saver and reason why I am sat here today, in the UK with a business, a house and two wonderful children AND empty canvas at the young age of 47 to build the life in the way I want to end it.

My sister said "we could not choose how our lives started BUT we can choose how it end" This is so true and it's stuck with me!

Ps this is my first EVER blog post so SCARY SHIT, I am dyslexic so publishing this means grammar errors and not 100% correct sentences but they are my words and it's time for me to share as if I can inspire even one person then that is enough... xx

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